"The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® unveils your own archetypal blueprint in each of the eight fields of living."
-- Edward F. Tarabilda

The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® is a revolutionary and highly individualized approach to holistic living based on the spiritual insights of its founder, Edward Tarabilda. It renders obsolete generalized solutions that ignore personal needs. For example, spiritual instructions that treat all people alike rarely awaken the spiritual giant sleeping within us. Similarly, rigid and standardized moral guidelines leave us divided between our duties and our desires. And non-individualized health-care prescriptions harm as many people as they help.

The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® illuminates Eight Fields of LivingÔ with individualized guidance in each one:

1. Spiritual Path -- Personal initiation into one of the Eight Great Paths to GodÔ, in accord with your innermost spiritual nature.
2. Wealth -- Your primal desires and how they support or distract you from your spiritual aspirations.
3. Dharma -- How to serve society through an understanding of your caste nature.
4. Career Nature -- Your professional aptitudes and how to be happy at work.
5. Creative Play -- How to find satisfaction in recreation.
6. Relationships -- Your personal style of interacting with others.
7. Mental Health -- Your emotional and energetic needs: How to best relieve stress and maintain a constant state of restful dynamism.
8. Physical Health -- How to achieve optimum health and longevity in accord with your unique physical strengths and challenges.

These eight fields of living can also be seen as eight aspects of Self: the spiritual Self, the desire self, the dharmic self, the career self, the play self, the relating self, the mental health self and the physical self.

The field of spirituality is always the most important of these eight fields, even for persons who have no interest in spiritual practice, because it defines the innermost core of the personality. Think of this field as the hub of the wheel of your life and the other seven fields as spokes. If you can center the hub, then you fulfill Christ's adage, "First seek the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you". You simultaneously fulfill the Vedic adage, "Established in Being, perform action."


There are eight levels of the human personality, one of which corresponds to your core personality (spiritual) archetype. You experience maximum progress in your spiritual development when your spiritual practice is attuned to your spiritual archetype:

1. Physical body: the path of silence and physical purification (Hatha Yoga)
2. Five senses: the path of increasing charm, beauty and art (Raja Yoga)
3. Mind: the path of selfless service (Karma Yoga)
4. Intellect: the path of discernment (Gyana Yoga)
5. Will: the path of the warrior (Laya or Kundalini Yoga)
6. Heart: the path of devotion (Bhakti Yoga)
7. Ego: the integral path (Surya Yoga)
8. Iconoclastic quality: the rebel path (Tantra)


Self-discovery through The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® begins with three personal consultations with the founder. The first is a spiritual initiation into one of the Eight Great Paths to GodÔ. It answers one of three primal questions of every individual: "What is my spiritual nature and how can I best actualize it?" It covers two fields of living -- the spiritual life and the field of wealth (primal desires).

This initiation is a prerequisite to any further consultations. It invariably confirms one's deepest inclinations and clarifies one's optimum spiritual practice, as well as other deep personal issues not answered in any other form of counseling.

The second consultation answers the question, "What is my life mission in the world?" Edward helps you develop strategies for success in four fields of living: career, dharma, relationships, and creativity. You also explore ways of balancing conflicting demands, such and family duties, career, and spiritual goals.

The third consultation covers physical and mental health from the perspective of Edward's remarkable new health-care paradigm, the Eight-Fold AyurvedaÔ . It answers, "What is my specific disease tendency, and what can I do to treat this tendency?", and "How can I maximize my longevity?" In this consultation Edward also helps you develop strategies to maximize your emotional and energetic well-being.

These three consultations can be done in person, over the phone, or through personalized audio tape sessions.


Edward F. Tarabilda's is a spiritual teacher in the tradition of knowledge known as Gyana Yoga. The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® is a profound elaboration of this path which grew out of his inner cognitions:

"The fundamental archetypes of creation spontaneously unfolded in my awareness. These archetypes, or patterns of creative intelligence, displayed themselves as the very fabric of consciousness, each thread unique and precious in itself, yet essential to the whole.

I also saw that life is a web comprised of eight fields of living. The key to integrating this web into a seamless whole is to understand one's own unique gifts and challenges in each of the eight fields.

I realized that in order to honor this vision, I must create a new multi-dimensional approach to life. I feel that The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® fulfills the ancient quest for truly holistic knowledge: a new discipline which integrates mind, body, spirit, and environment, while honoring the vast differences among individuals and communities.

The path of knowledge has all too often emphasized the unmanifest value of life at the expense of manifest values. To honor the fullness of this path we must enliven the unmanifest value while simultaneously glorifying the different, archetypal, multi-dimensional realities of manifest life. The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® accomplishes this through a clear description of both the unifying and diversifying elements in nature.

This subjective discipline identifies 224 major archetypes:112 processes for transcending and unifying relative life, and 112 principles elucidating life's primal differences.

The key to unlocking these 224 archetypes is knowing and practicing your unique spiritual path. The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® offers each individual this precious gift."


A true science of the stars, along with mathematics, comprises only one of twenty-four disciplines within The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living®. Since we use an astrological metaphor, it is easy for a newcomer to fall into the trap of connecting it with the confused array of superstition and pseudo-science currently practiced in the name of astrology. Edward's use of astrological symbols is so different from anything now going on in the name of astrology that it makes any comparison meaningless.

Then why use the language of astrology? The answer is simple: although the present practice of astrology has no relationship to the spiritual principles Edward has cognized, the original astrological symbolism does have an intimate relationship to them. This symbolism has such great archetypal power that we have yet to find a more suitable language for expressing the core principles. Thus, we continue to use the language of astrology, even though we know it often creates the erroneous impression that Edward is engaging in some form of astrology as normally conceived. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The cosmic mind has been cognized by countless sages throughout history. The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® honors their different expressions of the same universal principles, whether their language be in form of ritual, mythology, geometry, music, or art.


The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® is, paradoxically, a spiritual science expressed in astrological language, as well as, secondarily, an astrology based in spiritual science. However, The Art of Multi-Dimensional Living® is of such a higher order, that to compare it in any way to conventional astrology is ludicrous.

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